Wanna get a website?

Close this if you desire a simple online presence!

Brace Yourself! If you are looking for something average,
I have a bad news! This page is
not for you!

I don't build regular webpages,
cause i know, that you deserve much more than that!

If you want something more for your business, check out what I offer for you!

How I DO NOT Think about your site


Not just a simple, boring design!


Not just a tick on your checklist!

online felület

Not just a meaningless online page!


Not an empty space, where your costumers fly away!


While I am building the website I think differently for your business
and your online presence.
I spend time and effort, to get to know your story of your business.
So I can be highly effective to sell your story for your customers!

How should a website look like?

Your website will be a powerful tool for effective communication.
Fast and efficient help to rich your goals!

Always online

Wherever you are, your site is always online,
to help your job!

Open new doors for your business

In this century the website is not recommended to have,
it is a requirement.
Open this door and gain
more costumers!

Grab the attention

Deploy your biggest electric magnet, you can have
for your business!

Be a PRO player on your field

Always the first
impression is the
most important!

How do I work?

weboldal készítés igények felmérése

Your needs

During the first consultation, I get closer picture, what you really want, and find out what is the best for you!

weboldal készítés igények felmérése


According to the consultation I will send you a quotation.

weboldal készítés


In this stage I implement the plans we made before, and I build your dream website!

weboldal átadás


You are gonna get your site, and i will teach you how to use!


If you do not have time to figure out
and do it by yourselves!

I will save your time!
We do everything online, order food, purchasing cinema ticket etc... Why on the earth would you want to waste your time, to figure out your website by yourselves?

Let me help you!

If you don't want spend months just to
select the best design!

Today everybody is online who counts!
If you want a product or a service, you just google it, so does everybody else!

This could be the best tool
to advance your business!

If you need a professional, who can support you to get closer to your aims!

I am not just hand you your fully developed website, but i keep in touch, for further support!

I take full responsibility to my job and i give you guarantee! I deliver only the best product!
You are never gonna be disappointed!


Super Fast, perfect design. I am completely satisfied, I highly recommend!

Fruzsina Fenyves



Are you ready?
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Frequently asked questions

How long does the project take?

Usually a landing page takes approximately 1 week, if you need professional copywriting, you have to count with another week averagly. Every project is different, but if you are being partner, during we work together, everything is rolling.

How we stay in touch?

We chat in email, so nothing will disappear from our conversation. We can use Zoom, to show you currently what i am doing on your website, and when I deliver.

Any exclusion, when i have to refuse the cooperation?

I just can't work on any project where I feel I am under controll, under pressure! I have many experience, so I am willing to work with costumers where I feel the harmony. For me one of the most important thing is the teamwork.

I am not a digital nomad, how can I hadle this?

Ne aggódj! Én segítek. Átadás után, lehetőséged van betanítást kérni, ahol mindent elmagyarázok neked türelmesen, (egyik nagy erősségem 🙂 ) ha kell még leírást, videót is készítek neked. A lényeg, hogy megtanuld, megértsd! Rám számíthatsz!

How can I pay?

You can wire the money via bank. After contract 25% upfront is required!

Maintenance after delivery?

Monthly maintenance: backup, optimization, antivirus, and 2 hours of minor changes and fixes on the site.
Price for maintenance: $30/Month

My site is ready, why I don't see the results?

Your website is just a tool, but without marketing you won't see any result.
The only thing I can promise is a perfect website, the rest is entirely up to you!